Travel Games 4 Kids - Basic Printable Games

Print out these games and activities prior to the trip!

Tic-Tac-ToeBasic Printable Games pdf download
Print out this sheet for a slew of tic-tac-toe grids.

In this game you take turns. First person connects 2 dots (no diagonals!). The next person then does the same. The players alternate back and forth. If you close a box, you put your initials in it PLUS you get another turn. Sometimes you can close many boxes on the same turn! Once the grid is full, whoever has the most boxes with their initials wins! Very strategic and fun!
Close The Box! (One Big Game) pdf download
Close The Box (Multiple Games) pdf download

Hangman pdf download
This print-out has the basic hangman setup. One person thinks of a word (or phrase) and places dashes below the hangmans noose for each letter. The other player(s) guess letters that should fill in the blanks. If the guessed letter is correct, then the letter is written on the blank that it represents. If an incorrect letter is guessed, a body part (head, body, arm, leg) is drawn from the noose. Once the full stick man is drawn, the guesser looses. If the entire word is guessed before the man is 'hung' then the guesser wins!